It’s our commitment to provide top quality dental care with an experience that exceeds your expectations. Manteca Dental Care is devoted in making your visit comfortable with our friendly doctors and staff while getting the necessary care to optimize your dental health. We will go out of our way to give the members of your family, from children to adults, the personal attention, comfort, and good dental care they deserve. We promise, “We treat your family like it was our own.”

We offer exceptional services in General Dentistry (the diagnosis, treatment, management and overall services to meet patients oral health needs), Family Dentistry(the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting the teeth, gums and the jaw), Preventive Dentistry (prevent the occurrence of oral diseases), Restorative Dentistry (reconstruction of a tooth or group of teeth injured or destroyed by trauma or disease), Periodontics (diseases of the gums), Cosmetic Dentistry, Orthodontics and INVISALIGN.


Established in 1987.

Manteca Dental Care dates back to 1987. Dr. Rick Tran took over the practice back in October 2008 when the previous doctors decided to retire. Dr. Rick Tran received his Doctor of Dental Surgery from NYU and has been practicing dentistry since 2004. He joined Manteca Dental Care in 2008 and has enjoyed this outstanding practice ever since. Dr. Tran provides comprehensive dentistry including general & family dentistry, cosmetic & implant dentistry, orthodontics, teeth whitening and more. He is certified to safely sedate patients who experience any nervousness about seeking dental treatment. Manteca Dental Care is excited to provide complete dental care in one convenient location. Dr. Tran is committed to providing the highest quality  dental health care available to everyone in your family! Remember, Manteca Dental Care treats your family like it was their own.




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